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Maybe we don’t trust ourselves.

Maybe we don’t trust ourselves.
Maybe the last few years have made it really hard to trust anyone.
Maybe we’re just so tired, burnout, and in trauma that trust doesn’t feel possible because connection feels impossible.

Except it is, and we must rebuild, repair, and reconnect because then trust can be forged, and we can walk one another through to the other side together.

This morning I had the honor of opening the Illinois State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management (ILSHRM) 2022 conference with my new keynote on Courageous Trust.

I also got to finally meet my friend Lori Maher McCombs in person! Lori has been such a champion of me these last couple of years. Thank you so much, Lori, for continuing to trust me to teach this courage work to SHRM members.

Have a great conference #ilshrm!!!


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