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What would it be like?

Doing the work of healing is a full-time job.
A full-time job on top of an already full life.
A full-time job and full life, all while feeling like shit.*

My morning routine alone:

Jump out of bed upon waking, even if it’s only 5:30 am, because laying there isn’t good for hormones and my cortisol levels.
First meal of supplements and tinctures
Dry brush
Rebound for at least 3 to 5 songs
Work out
PT and stretches
Take binder
Walk the dogs outside
30 minutes in infrared sauna blanket
Breakfast shake
More supplements
Nasal wash
Cold shower

The full-time job of healing that’s a pain in the ass and can really feel unfair. Except choosing to heal from that space only made me sicker.

So every morning, I choose the work of healing through the lens of grace, love, and the chance to serve well…myself and then the world.

*the next time you find yourself judging someone’s best, try getting curious about what it takes for them to show up in the world every day first. 🧡


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