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“You do more than teach the work. You embody it.”

Quite possibly one of the best compliments. 😭

Two days in a place I never expected that my work would bring me, and yet I was back for the third time in the Panhandle of Nebraska.

Monday it was day one of a full Dare to Lead™ training with the entire team of @PanhandlePublichealth. An amazing day with a truly amazing team. I am not sure I’ve ever worked with a team that cares more about one another. I am grateful to be a small part of helping them to navigate change and the aftermath of the last few years.

Tuesday, it was a morning keynote with the team at @wnccofficial. A team who has been through difficult times and yet really leaned into this work with me and welcomed me with so much love.

I love my job and am so grateful to the organizations who trust me to pour into their teams… especially when they then go and walk out the work and show the world how to love and lead well.

*the most challenging part of traveling for business for me is the lack of outside time, so it’s always my mission to find trees and water. I definitely succeeded this trip.


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