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The unspoken is never benign.

You can cut the tension with a knife.
You can feel the unspoken.
You’re thinking the same thing that probably everyone else is thinking.

And yet, no one is naming it.

The meeting goes on.
Trudging through the muck of unspoken tension.
Attempting to just get it done. To focus on the facts.
Which you do… to an extent.

The meeting ends.
Then tension lives on.
Festering inside everyone.
Eating you from the inside out.
Which means it eats your relationships and how you connect with everyone.
Which means it eats your culture from the inside out.

The unspoken is never benign.
It holds power.
So much power that it owns everything.

Eventually, someone has to speak up.
And it takes a ton of trust and even more courage to do so.
Super vulnerable.

The unspoken is never, ever benign.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The real question is: how long will you not speak?


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