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You don’t know…

Because you don’t know what it takes for someone to show up in the world.

Be kind.

Some of us, actually probably many of us right now, are in massive, dark battles. Your generosity, kindness, and care can often be the light that helps us keep going.

Don’t put people on pedestals.

We will always fall, don’t want to be there, and it’s difficult to make true connection when the ground isn’t level with trust, empathy, and common humanity.

Extend grace.

Sometimes what it takes for us to show up in the world means we mess up, miss the mark, and disappoint people. Holding us accountable from a foundation of true grace and empathy frees you from being resentful, helps us feel loved enough to change, and together we can move forward and heal.

This week I spoke to over 700 people about courage through my story. I also had one of those weird things in my healing and recovery journey, my hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

Because showing up in the world in this season of my life takes a lot of time, pain, discipline, and work.

It’s hard and worth it.

Be kind. You don’t know what it takes for every person you come into contact with today to show up in the world.


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