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Thank you!!!

It has been a project long in the making. It has taken so much work on so many people’s part. And it will mean my story and the courage work I teach will reach even more people.

The new www.justinefroelker.com is here, and I am so excited and really proud to show her to you!

She also comes with a lot of thank yous.

To you, my community here, thank you. This new site would not have been possible without your belief in me, your championing of my work, your likes, shares, comments, and simply the connections and community here, plus your referrals. Thank you!!!

A HUGE thank you to my team, Barbara and Raeleen, for countless hours spent reviewing, moving content, checking those oxford commas, tons of work, emails, and calls, and having to look at my face for way too many hours these last few weeks.

Also, thank you to Matt Wolfe (www.mwolfe.io) for taking on this project and creating a site that is entirely all of my Justine-ness all while being more clear, concise, my version of authentic professional, and just truly amazing. I am so, so, so grateful.

I would love for you all to check out www.justinefroelker.com and let us know what you think. We would love your feedback and help on catching anything we may have missed. Please also send to your supervisors and friends; we all could use more courage right now.

And, finally, make sure you don’t miss that Contact Page pic on the desktop version for its full glory. 😉


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