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Vulnerability has boundaries

It’s a constant rumble lately in my events… But isn’t there such a thing as too much vulnerability?

Vulnerability has boundaries.
If it doesn’t have boundaries, it isn’t true authentic vulnerability and connection.
Vulnerability without boundaries is often oversharing to hotwire a connection, which isn’t how trust is built. Vulnerability without boundaries can also be manipulative.
Vulnerability doesn’t mean everyone knows everything about you, not appropriate or okay. Not everyone has earned the right to hear your story or speak into your life.


Goodness, so much about this courageous life is learning boundaries.

I’m not a stuff person AND I love me a good journal and pen. Plus, Chad loves his coffee!

Thank you to the leadership team at Facilisgroup for this awesome swag and for the rumbles yesterday. I cannot wait to share more of this courage work with your partners at your Summits next year.


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