|  Blog Post   |  We can feel two things at the same time.

We can feel two things at the same time.

Some things can be going really well.
Some things can also suck.

We can also feel two things at the same time.

Two things can happen at the exact same time,
even though our brain doesn’t like.
One does not necessarily diminish the other.

The stuff going really well
doesn’t necessarily make the suck suck less.
The suck doesn’t necessarily
make the less sucky suck less.
(You’re welcome).

Give yourself permission to live with both truths,
the more fun ones and the not so fun ones,
all at the same time.

It’s uncomfortable and it’s messy.

And the permission to feel it all
is how the uncomfortable mess
not only feels survivable,
it’s actually where our magic and healing lie.


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