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We don’t need to be fixed

We don’t need to be fixed.
We aren’t broken.
We need to feel seen and loved.

Back in March, I had a TikTok go viral, although I am not even sure what accounts for viral these days.

My life didn’t change overnight because of one video, as some people want from a viral video. Rather, over 500K people heard a message about my family and how to be more empathic with stories of struggle.

I am not sure I will ever understand the social media algorithm gods, nor will I compartmentalize myself down to one part of who I am to please the masses to stay viral, let alone ever figure out the ideal time, day, and type of content to post on all the different platforms to appease these gods. Instead, I will keep being me, all of me, because then I can serve the world well.

For reasons I’ll clearly never understand, that video has picked up crazy views again in the last 24 hours with over 40,000 new views and a ton of comments over on TikTok.

I do wonder if a video about empathy could reach a million…

More than that, I wonder if even just one person met someone they care about with empathy because of this tiny 58-second video and my three.


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