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Thank you!

Today was what I call a holy shit* Holy Spirit day.

These ranks on Amazon! Um, what?!

I think many of you are expecting your books to be delivered today, and I would love for you to take a pic or a selfie with it, post it, and tag me. It has been incredible seeing the connections God is making and who shows up in your comments saying how much they or their child needs this book.

Thank you so much for rallying for this book. It’s helping so many people.🧡

*yep, I curse—a children’s author, a Jesus-loving children’s author, who swears. I promise I don’t curse in this book. I also promise I won’t stop cursing because you tell me to or because you think Jesus said so or because you think I’m not a good enough Christian when I use these words. I digress; this is a teach and a story for a different day.😘


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